Man Using Car Wash
Top tips for your car’s spring clean
Spring cleaning your car is a good way to bid farewell to the wet and windy winter weather and welcome
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Secondhand Cars
What to consider when buying a second-hand car
Buying a second-hand car can save you lots of cash, but you need to be careful. There are some unscrupulous
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Speed dial
Improve your fuel mileage
The cost of fuel is a constant concern for motorists. With the price of petrol in the UK amongst the
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Avoiding car trouble in winter
With winter comes cold weather, and a sharp increase in the number of breakdowns. Yet many forget the importance of
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Tyre treads – Legal requirements and safety
Regularly checking your tyre tread is vitally important to ensure that you comply with the legal requirements and you can
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Mechanic using diagnostics
What Does a Car Diagnostic Test Tell You?
Does your car seem more sluggish than usual, maybe when overtaking another vehicle or trying to climb a hill? Have
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Protection Mask Sign
Can car air conditioning cause health problems?
With the official autumn season now upon us, the heat of summer is well and truly over. With it, we
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Vehicle Air Con On Max
Does air conditioning affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency?
With the recent heatwave we’d be very surprised it you told us that the air conditioning in your car hadn’t
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How does car air conditioning work?
It may not have yet hit the heat wave of 2018 but there have certainly been days when it’s hot
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Windscreen repair vs replacement
At one time or another in your driving life you will find a small chip somewhere on your windscreen. It’s
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