Car on country road

When planning a UK getaway, the journey to and from your destination can always be something which plays on your mind. We have put together a simple yet effective checklist of things to test before you head out onto the road, ensuring that you feel confident whilst travelling.

Oil levels. Using the dipstick test method, check that your vehicles oil levels are somewhere between minimum and maximum. Without the correct level of lubrication, your engine could fail, causing a breakdown on the road.

Lights. When driving through the early morning or late at night, non-effective or broken lights are enough to knock your confidence and levels of safety. A few days before your journey, ask a family member or friend to observe all points of the vehicle, checking that the front and back lights are all working as they should, from the indicators to reverse lights. If one of your bulbs is out, you will need to get it replaced and repaired before taking your car out on the road at all.

Tyres. There is a reason as to why the safety levels of your tyres are part of the law. Without the correct depth of tread, the levels of control you will have over your vehicle will drop significantly. You will also need to ensure that your tyres are inflated above 1.6mm or else you could risk an accident as well as a fine of £2,500 for each illegal tyre. As you may be carried an increased load, you should allow the tyres to be inflated a little more than usual.  It may also be beneficial to have a spare tyre stored within your vehicle incase of any tears or punctures whilst on the road away from home.

Window washer fluid levels. This seems like a simple point, but if you set on your journey without sufficient levels of window washer fluid, your vision of the road infront and behind will become jeopardized, potentially blurring any hazards and could result in an accident. Ensure the fluid is topped up so that you have clear vision of the roads at all times.

Backup packing. It will be beneficial for any journey, let alone a long distance one, to store back-ups within your vehicle. From high-vis jackets, to first aid boxes and jump leads, these items could be enough to get you out of a sticky situation whilst away from home or professional, mechanical help.

Besides the mechanical points, you will want to feel prepared personally for your journey. Once you are, the excitement can begin. Here are a few of our top tips:

  • If you are travelling with children, bring enough snacks to keep them satisfied, as well as scheduling for multiple breaks for use of the restroom and to stretch their legs.
  • Breaks would also be beneficial for the driver as spending hours back to back in your vehicle can bring on cramps which could result in dangerous driving. The occasional stop-off for a leg stretch will ensure that everyone is feeling fresh and awakened and are once again ready to take to the road.
  • Assessing your journey before you take to the road will ensure that you and effectively plan your starting time. Travelling for a long distance whilst in a rush are two factors which do not bode well. Take it easy and enjoy it. Besides, once you have taken to the road, you have officially started your holiday!

If you feel as though your vehicle would benefit from a professional assessment, get in touch with our team at Double Dee Autos where we can arrange an appointment to observe and test, repair any damaged parts and ensure that your vehicle complies with the law. Contact us by calling 020 8460 3040 or email us at