How to spot issues with your car, before it’s too late

Unfortunately, in life, car problems come at the most inconvenient times. Breakdowns can be hugely inconvenient and expensive. However, breakdowns can often be prevented by having a better understanding and knowledge of your car.

By being able to spot potential issues before they manifest and become worse, you could end up saving yourself time and money in the process. Detecting issues early can help to protect your car from significant long-term damage and irreparable problems.

So, how can you identify small problems before they develop into bigger issues?

Easy ways to spot signs of car issues

Visual checks

One of the most crucial aspects of car maintenance, which is often ignored, is conducting regular vehicle visual checks. One of the most important aspects is to check your tyres. Tyres should be inspected for damage, bulges, wear and tear to the sidewall and ensure the tread is sufficient. Uneven wear on tyres may indicate a problem with the suspension, so check for irregularities.

As well as tyres, you should routinely open the bonnet and visually check the fluid levels, such as coolant and brake fluid. Keeping fluids topped up can help your car to run smoothly and safely.

Listen to your vehicle

While it is easy to drown out noises with the car radio, it is a good idea to listen to your car occasionally and pick up any unusual noises. A squeaking when driving may be a sign that your suspension is under pressure, while a knocking or hissing may be indicative that all is not well with your engine.

Transmission issues can be expensive to repair so it is best to sort them as soon as possible, if you hear a grinding noise when shifting gear, you may have a problem with the transmission, in which case, it is wise to seek assistance from a mechanic as soon as possible.

How does it feel?

How your car feels to drive is usually the best indicator as to how your vehicle is performing. If your vehicle feels rough and uncomfortable to drive then the components in your suspension may be worn out. Likewise, if the car feels like it’s working against you, this is another sign that something may be wrong with the suspension.

If the car fails to start or you experience a sudden loss of power, then this may be a sign that all is not well with your engine. Unfortunately, problems with the engine can be tricky to diagnose so keep a note of when there seems to be a lack of power and what the circumstance is.

Unusual smells

A burning or overpowering smell of fuel is another indicator that there may be a problem with your car. With a burning smell, this is usually a reaction to a transmission issue. If you notice a smell from the car that isn’t normal then seek help from a professional as soon as possible.

Get your car back on the road quickly  

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