When you are involved in an accident on the road, you will want to have your mechanical and body repairs carried out as soon as possible so that minimal disruption is caused. Regardless of whether the accident is your fault or not, you must notify your insurer and this can affect your excess and premium. During the insurance claims process, it is common to have your insurance company recommending a specific repair shop for you to use, but there is no obligation for you to take their advice. Allow us to explain…

Why does your insurer have a preferred repair shop?

Your car insurer will want you to use their preferred body shop for any vehicle repairs, and this is likely to be for multiple reasons. Firstly, they will choose a repair shop that will carry out the bare minimum, as this will mean the repair costs are as low as possible. As well as this, using the same repair shop for many of their clients will likely land them a large discount due to the repeat business that they are providing, so this helps them to maximise their profits. Your insurance company will not have your best interests at heart, so you may not receive the high-quality repairs that you deserve to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Do you have to use your insurer’s recommended repair shop?

Despite the fact that they may advise you to use an approved repairer, there is nothing forcing you to use any specific place to have the damage repaired, unless this has been previously stated within the policy. You will not have to worry about this invalidating your policy, and you are free to use your most trusted and preferred garage to have the damage repaired.

Are you taking your car to your preferred repair shop?

If you decide to exercise your right to use your preferred repairer, you should remember that your insurer still has some powers that they can exercise.

  • They are able to send someone to inspect the damage before repairs take place, to ensure that they are not being over-billed for the repairs. You will want to clarify whether or not this is taking place before you arrange repairs.
  • It is also important to be aware that if you decide not to use the repair shop recommended by your insurance company, it could mean that you will not be able to take advantage of some of the added extras included with your policy, such as a courtesy car. Many insurers have this included in their terms and conditions, so you should make travel arrangements whilst your car is being repaired.

When deciding where to repair your car, you will want to choose a trusted garage who will bring your vehicle back to its original condition. Our expert team at Double Dee Autos can carry out high-quality car accident repairs to get you back on the road with your vehicle looking pristine. To get booked in for repairs with us, call now on 020 8460 3040 or email ben@ddautos.co.uk.