That time of year is back again, and whether you are greatly festive or just looking to add a little extra Christmas cheer this year, the opportunity to decorate your car (yes, really…!) is back! If you are in need of some inspiration whilst staying safe, take a little browse through our festive guide to all things Christmas car decorating!

Secure your decorations!

The simple form of Christmas decoration commonly found on cars and vans whilst on the road are the red noses fixed to the grill and the antlers attached to the windows. It is also common to see tinsel draped across the dashboard, but you must ensure that this is in fact secured! Un-secured tinsel risks a slip off of the dashboard and onto the gearstick or floor of your car, interfering with your ability to control the vehicles gears or blocking use of the pedals entirely and potentially causing an accident. This is the same with external vehicle decorations, such as those antlers or Rudolph noses, as if they bear too much resistance to the wind and are not secured correctly, they could leave the surface of your car and cause damage or danger to another on the road.

Keep the windscreen and mirrors clear!

Blocking the drivers view of the road and surroundings is a definite no-go! All windows and mirrors should be left clear, not only for the safety of your driver, your vehicle and other road users, but to prevent the issuing of 3-points on your license or a driving ban!

No lighting!

Yes, Christmas lights are a large factor of festive decorations, but they will have to remain free from your vehicle at all times whilst on the road. Additional lights on the front or back of your vehicle risk causing confusion to other road users, or distracting them from your cars safety lighting, such as break lights, indicators and hazards, posing the risk for an accident on the road, which won’t be too holly or jolly!

Keep your surroundings safe!

Items of decoration often go above and beyond, but this must not occur for vehicles. These must be kept small and minimal. For example, if you were festive enough to wish to put up a Christmas tree on the roof of your vehicle, or trail garlands from the exhaust of your car, these would be classed as illegal actions. Your decorations must not cause risk, harm or damage to your surrounding neighbours, roads, nature or homes (or bridges and car parks with height restrictions!)

Do not cause a distraction!

Unless you are a member of a festive drive through parade (unheard of and unlikely!) you must not distract other users of the road from their journey and operation of their vehicle. Any disruptions could cause a possible accident due to the eye-catching display of your overly decorated and illegal vehicle.

Keep the music down!

Finally, as tempting as it is and as much as passers by may enjoy the brief tune of a well-loved Christmas song, it is actually instructed under Section 52 of the Police Reform Act 2002 that officers are entitled to pull over vehicles who risk causing alarm, stress or annoyance to members of the public – and this applies to the loud and constant playing of Christmas music (yes, there really are some Scrooges out there!)

If you require any further information or ideas on how you can safely and legally decorate your vehicle this Christmas whilst remaining on the Nice List, get in touch with a member of our Double Dee Autos team by calling 020 8460 3040 or emailing Stay safe and smart this Christmas!