Why do I need to have my car serviced?

It’s that time again, when your dashboard lights up with a message telling you it’s time for a service. You know that it can only be turned off by your mechanic, but after a while you forget it’s there – it has just become another standard feature on your dashboard that you can ignore.

Is it wise to do so though? While you may not think that you have used your car all that much since the last service, the reality is that it’ll be more than you can recall and you also have no way of knowing what minor issues may be lying in wait to turn into big problems overnight. Our advice is to stay on top of your car servicing, and this is why:


The first and foremost reason for regular vehicle servicing is to ensure the safety of your car, your family and loved ones, and of other road users. Faulty or worn-out brakes, incorrect fluid levels such as oil and hydraulic steering fluid, cracked or worn-down tyres, even frayed windshield wipers can all lead to accidents, or at the very least a breakdown when you least expect it.


Finding out at the mechanic that your engine has a problem that could lead to you being stranded by the roadside is far better than finding out when you’re trying to get somewhere. Standing next to a broken-down vehicle, hood popped and waiting for a tow truck is far from ideal. A regular service can pick up on those little issues that could turn out to be big if left unchecked, saving you a lot of time, stress and money in the long term.

Better performance and longer life expectancy

Keeping your vehicle well maintained will decrease the wear and tear on all its moving parts, improve reliability, and ensure a much smoother ride. It will also improve your fuel efficiency as your engine is not overworking, trying to compensate for other problems. Put all that together and you can be sure that a well-maintained car is one that will last much longer than one that is far from being in its optimum shape, no matter its age.

Reduced emissions

It’s a well-known fact that vehicle emissions contribute to poor local air quality. You can reduce that by ensuring your vehicle emissions are checked and measures taken to reduce noxious pollutants by tuning your engine and keeping your filters clean.

Maintain your warranty

For those cars that are still under warranty, regular servicing is usually a condition of that agreement. If you do not keep up your side of the bargain, then you could be nullifying your warranty so that it does not cover a fault when it should do. While warranties do not typically cover wear and tear, finding a faulty part before it leads to problems will usually be covered. Servicing will run a thorough check over everything, identifying potential issues early on and giving you time to get them fixed before they become worse and can still be dealt with under warranty.

Increase resale value

A good service record will increase the value of your vehicle. Potential buyers will want to see that you have looked after the car and be reassured that they will not encounter a major problem soon after driving off with their new second-hand vehicle.

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