Over the Christmas period, it is likely many of us will be undertaking long drives to visit family and friends all over the UK. The roads are likely to be busy, and its possible that you will find it challenging at this time of year. There are some precautions you should take to be safe on the road at all times this Christmas. Taking regular breaks and ensuring you have the necessary equipment in your car are just two of the ways you can keep yourself and your passengers safe. Allow us to highlight some other ways you can take care on these long Christmas drives.

Check your vehicle

Before setting off on a long journey in your vehicle, it is essential to ensure that it is fully safe and prepared to undertake the trip. There are numerous important parts of your vehicle to check over. These include tyres, lights, windscreen wipers and brakes. These will affect your ability to drive safely and could put you and your family at risk of injury. To be extra safe, you may want to book a service before Christmas to ensure these parts are working as they should be.

Take regular breaks

Being on the road for long periods means you need to have the ability to concentrate and react to situations as they occur. Driving for prolonged periods of time will mean you gradually reduce your focus and become less alert. Taking regular breaks at service stations can allow you to grab some food or drink and relax for a few minutes. This is essential to keeping your focus during long drives, so it is worth scheduling these where possible at certain points of your journey.

Share the drive

Another way to keep alert on the road is to share the drive with others. If there are multiple people in the car who possess a full driving licence and are insured to drive the car, then taking turns driving will be a safe way to reach your destination as quickly as possible. You can switch every couple of hours to ensure that every driver has a chance to rest.

Carry an emergency kit

Regardless of whether you are driving safely or not, there is always the risk of something happening that is out of your control, or of something going wrong when you least expect it. You should make sure that you have roadside breakdown cover so that you have access to emergency support should you need it. Some essential items to keep in your car include a flashlight, first aid kit, blankets, jumper cables, spare clothes, and water in the event you are stuck somewhere and don’t have access to immediate assistance.

Avoid distractions

Throughout the course of a long journey, it can be easy to become distracted by others in the car. There are multiple things that can happen throughout a long drive that may cause you to take your eyes off the road. Despite these possible distractions, it is important to give your undivided attention to the road at all times. Multitasking can put you and your passengers, as well as other drivers, in danger.

Taking these steps can help you to ensure that you and your passengers are safe on any long journey you undertake this Christmas. If you want to prepare your vehicle for a long journey, speak to our team at Double Dee Autos. We can carry out a full service to make sure all key parts are functioning correctly and your vehicle is in its best possible condition. Contact us today on 020 8460 3040 or email ben@ddautos.co.uk to get booked in.