With the summer consisting of more rain than we had anticipated, the possibility of aquaplaning on the roads is becoming more frequent. If not approached with care, aquaplaning could lead to a risks. It is therefore important for every driver to understand what aquaplaning is, how it can be avoided and what to do should it occur. In this blog, we explain exactly that.

What is aquaplaning?

Aquaplaning is an issue caused on the road when there is a present layer of water on the roads surface, roughly of 2.5mm. This collection of water can break contact between the tyres and the tarmac, resulting in a loss of traction. This can lead to a loss of control over steering, accelerating or braking.

Aquaplaning can be a frightening experience for drivers, and can be identified by:

  • Increased engine sounds
  • Light steering
  • The motion of drifting
  • Revs to increase or become louder with no action

What can increase the risk of aquaplaning?

The condition of your tyres could negatively impact your risk of aquaplaning, as well as worsening the situation if it did arise. A worn down tyre tread can reduce traction between the vehicle and the road on a dry day, and only enhances the issue on a wet one. Another contributing factor could be the speed at which you are driving.

How do you stop aquaplaning?

It is always easier said than done, but it is important to stay calm if you do find your vehicle aquaplaning. Here are our key pointers for bringing aquaplaning to a stop, and remaining as safe as possible during it…

  • Refrain from using the brakes
  • Release the accelerator slowly
  • Hold the steering wheel in a fixed, straight position

Preventing your car from carrying out any sudden movements will give you the best chances at recovering the loss of control safely. Instead, you can regain control by slowly easing your foot off of the accelerator and, in most instances, it won’t be long before you feel slight traction with the road again. Only once you feel this connection should you steer your car away from the water slowly and use your brakes.

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