The truth about those MOT myths

That time is here again for the dreaded MOT test. With a multitude of myths floating around are you confident on what will determine that all-important pass or fail for you? Today we walk you through five of the most common myths around, separating the truth from the false. 

  1. “My insurance is still valid even if I don’t have a valid MOT certificate” – A common misconception across drivers which is not always strictly true. While some insurers may just need your vehicle to be roadworthy, the majority will not insure you unless you can produce a valid MOT certificate.
  2. “To pass my MOT, I must have a spare tyre in my vehicle” – A spare tyre will not be checked for during your MOT unless it is fitted to the vehicle at the time of inspection. In that instance, the tyre would be checked in the same way as the others on your car.
  3. “I must have any required repairs done at the same location as my MOT test” – This is incorrect. You can choose to have your repairs done in any chosen garage, providing that your MOT certificate is still valid. If your MOT has expired, you will need to have all work completed at the garage your test took place in order to gain a valid certificate and be able to drive off the forecourt. It is a legal requirement to have valid MOT certificate to drive your vehicle.
  4. “I will fail my MOT if my fog headlights don’t work” – if your rear fog lights do not work, you will fail your MOT. However, it is not a legal requirement for the front fog lights to be working. Many cars do not have front fog lights fitted, so these are not necessary. However, if you do have broken front fog lights, we recommend that you get them fixed as soon as possible.
  5. “I will pass my MOT without water in the screen washer bottle” – Screen washer fluid is necessary to be able to see clearly through your windscreen. Anything obstructing the drivers view will result in a failed MOT.
  6. “Your air freshener could result in an MOT fail” – As minor as this may sound, it is actually true! To have anything obstructing your view of a size larger than 4cm will cause you to fail your MOT. As the driver, your vision must be unblocked, so you better take those fluffy dice down from your rear-view mirror!

It is always best to fix an issue or broken part on your car as soon as possible. As well as it helping you out during your MOT, it will also be helpful for surrounding drivers and pedestrians on the roads, keeping your drive time safe.

If you are looking for further advice on your MOT, or if you would like to book your vehicle in for one, then contact our friendly team at Double Dee Autos on 020 8460 3040, where we will be happy to help.