Why regular oil changes are important

Servicing is an important aspect of car ownership and maintenance. In fact, most modern cars are now equipped with the capability to warn you when a service is due on yours, with a little light or flashing symbol that pops up on your dashboard. We can often take for granted that a car should be serviced every mileage interval in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Relatively new cars need to be serviced regularly to remain within their warranty conditions which is important to avoid unnecessary expense, but even cars that no longer fall within their warranty requirements will need to be frequently serviced to ensure a well-running motor without problems.

Servicing of a car should fall between two parameters which are seasonally and service intervals. Most vehicle manufacturers publish recommended service intervals for both minor and major services. A minor service will include oil and filter changes as a minimum, but a major service will cover a more comprehensive checklist.

 Vehicle Safety

This means that if there is anything that will wear sooner than the next expected service, the owner will be notified and the work can be done. In terms of vehicle safety, this makes a big difference. Even if brakes do not need to be changed, a mechanic will spot the wear, so the owner knows that they will need to be done, which can help owners to prepare a budget for brake replacement or to be more conscious when driving the car.

Any inspection will also flag up immediate problems in case there is an immediate risk to the driver and their passengers.

 Extended Life Span

A vehicle will have fewer problems if serviced regularly. For example, if a wheel bearing is beginning to wear, then replacing the bearing will cost a lot less than if the bearing seizes or breaks down completely while the car is being driven causing potential damage to the wheel and axle which would be much costlier to repair.

 Fuel Economy

A car that is serviced regularly will perform at its optimum level including offering the best possible fuel economy. The fuel savings will soon mitigate the money spent on a service after a few tanks of refuelling.

A car’s needs change with the seasons, and as the winter approaches, aspects such as anti-freeze and the tyres should be checked. This not only makes the car much safer to drive but also means that the driver and occupant are less likely to find themselves stranded on the side of a road in inclement weather.

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