Car checks before the summer season

With the hottest bank holiday on record we are now sure that summer is on its way! It got us thinking that with the hotter weather just around the corner it is time to get vehicles checked and sorted if necessary before the season gets into full swing. So this month’s article is about giving you a quick checklist to go over your car now before you are ready for that long summer journey or you get stuck in traffic on a hot day.

Your summer vehicle checklist

There are quite a few things you can do yourself, including:

  • Wipers. Check that the rubber is not split or cracked and that your wipers can clean your windshield and back window with a single pass without leaving streaks. You also want to be sure that they clear water away quickly. If you find any problems then replace the whole wiper.
  • Oil. After the hard winter that we have had chances are your oil has been working overtime. Get an oil change even if your servicing reminder hasn’t come up yet. Heat can degrade oil more quickly so it is worth starting the season with a fresh batch to keep your engine healthy and avoid potential problems while you are on a long journey.
  • Coolant. A critical component during the hotter summer months. Check that the levels are where they should be, according to your manufacturer’s handbook, and top up if necessary. It’s also worth having a spare bottle of coolant in your car for any emergencies.
  • Tyres. Check the tread to make sure that they are not only legal but safe. Use the 20p coin method: insert the coin into the tyre tread and if you can see the rim, it’s time for new tyres. Don’t forget to check your spare tyre too.

Things that you can get your garage to check for you:

  • Battery. Batteries suffer in the summer even more than they do in the winter so you want to start the season from a good point. Get yours checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Air conditioning. Get your mechanic to run a check over your system to make sure it is working well and efficiently. You may need to top up the refrigerant levels, it is something that will need to be done every few years and it may be time for you this year.
  • Brakes. Get your brake pads checked for wear and tear. If your brakes feel too hard or too soft it will be time to replace the pads or shoes. If your brakes are squeaking, this may not be a problem but worth getting it checked for peace of mind.

Once you have done all that, all that is left is to put together a summer car aid kit to help you tackle any emergencies while you’re on the road. As a minimum, it should include:

  • A first-aid kit
  • A warning triangle
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Spare light bulbs, oil, and coolant
  • A torch (with extra batteries if it isn’t a wind up one)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water

Let us help you stay safe on the road this summer. For a vehicle check and any necessary maintenance or repairs we have the team for you at Double Dee Autos. To make an appointment to bring your car in, just call us on 020 8460 3040.