If you are going to be driving at night this Halloween, it is important that, as well as taking the usual necessary precautions, you should be aware of the additional risks. There are likely to be more people out and about and more cars on the road with many going about their Halloween plans, so it is necessary for you to take extra caution. We can talk you through a few ways to ensure you are extra safe on the roads come the 31st of October.

Use your headlights

As is normal when the days begin to get shorter, your headlights will be coming on a bit earlier than in recent months. It is essential with more people wandering the streets that your headlights come on before sunset, so that others can see you coming, and you can see any oncoming hazards in the fading light. This is especially important in dimly lit areas where headlights will be key for visibility. You will want to ensure your headlights are working correctly before every trip.

Stop for children

If you are out and about on Halloween night, you will want to watch out for any young children near the roads. They may not be paying full attention to traffic in the excitement of trick-or-treating, so could cross or step out into the road without looking. You will need to react quickly in the event that this is the case, so you should drive slowly when passing by trick-or-treaters and keep an extra eye out for any kids who may be a risk to road safety.

Watch for anything unusual

It is not only children you should be aware of on the road this Halloween. With many adults attending Halloween parties, there is the possibility of others on the road not being fit to drive. You may come across someone not following the speed limit, stopping unsafely and not using hazard lights, or driving erratically. You are also more likely to come across a drunk driver, in which case you should keep your distance and alert the police of anything you believe to be unsafe and a danger to others on the road.

Take extra care in residential areas

When passing through residential areas, you are more likely to come across increased pedestrian traffic, and families going from house-to-house trick-or-treating. You should adjust your speed accordingly, drive extra slowly when passing by groups of people, and be ready to react to any hazards you come across.

Avoid distractions

Because of the added risks you may come across over the Halloween period. It is essential that you are able to fully concentrate when behind the wheel. You will need to be more wary of pedestrians and other motor vehicles than at other times of year, so you should avoid playing music loudly or using Bluetooth devices, as these are distractions that will make you less aware of your surroundings.

Following these steps will help you to stay safe when driving on Halloween, but it is important that your vehicle is properly prepared for any journeys you may be making. At Double Dee Autos, we offer comprehensive vehicle servicing to ensure everything is running smoothly with your car, so you can be as safe on Halloween as possible. To get your car booked in or discuss any other enquiries you may have, give us a call on 020 8460 3040 or email ddautosbromley@outlook.com, we look forward to hearing from you.