Top tips for your car’s spring clean

Spring cleaning your car is a good way to bid farewell to the wet and windy winter weather and welcome in the summer sun. A spring clean should be a part of everyone’s annual routine. With the harsh weathers that the winter brings, your car will benefit from a thorough deep-clean and inspection.

Starting with the more complex and challenging parts of the clean is a good strategy to use. Today, we will walk you through a set of checks that you should consider.

Internal spring clean:

Get under that bonnet

Firstly, let’s get that nasty job done and get under that hood. The wind can easily transport grit, leaves and debris underneath the hood of your car which could be potentially damaging to your engine. A clean engine will elongate the lifespan of your vehicle, so it is important to get it cleaned out before it creates any long-lasting damage. Making sure that the engine isn’t running, remove the battery cables before washing it over with a mild detergent and water, and ensure that the engine is bone dry before replacing those removed items and turning your engine back on.

Time to de-clutter

Removing the odd bits and bobs and rubbish from your boot and car will help when it comes to hoovering and leathering down the inside of your vehicle. Remove – and recycle – that collection of old coffee cups, the remains of those guilt free road trip snacks and any loose water bottles as well as any stray change or collection of hairbands to reveal empty cup holders and door compartments.

Get that hoover ready

Now is the time to focus on those floor mats and car seats. Without noticing, the flooring underneath of your mats will be covered in crumbs and dirt, as well as any salt and grit which has worked its way off of your shoes. Remove the mats and hose them down before allowing the sun and breeze to dry them naturally, then hoover the front and backs to ensure there are no remains of debris before replacing them in your car. It may be worth investing in rubber mats for the front footwells of your car as these will be easy to hose down and wipe dry. Hoover, and wipe down with a leather cloth, the remaining areas of your car, such as the car seats, dashboard, gearstick and boot. To remove that troublesome pet hair, use a shower squeegee to grip the hairs and drag downwards. You will be surprised at how easily the hair comes away from the chair this way!

External spring clean:

Sparkling windows

When washing the exterior of your car, there are a number of things to check. The window wipers, if not being replaced, should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure any debris and grit is removes from their grip, to avoid scratching or shattering of the glass. You will also want to take extra care of cleaning the front and back windscreens as they will, no doubt, be smeared or covered in layers of dust. Make sure that this is removed and wiped down to keep the glass as clear as possible and not jeopardise your vision of the road infront of, or behind you. If your wipers aren’t up to scratch or are smearing rainwater across your windscreen, it would be worth replacing them to ensure that they can battle those April showers. Make sure to use only glass cleaner, water or a mild detergent for your windows as the use of wax-based products will smear the glass and blur your vision further.

Check those tyres

You will also need to check the tyres over thoroughly. Look out for bulges, cuts or even hidden nails which may have gotten wedged into your tyre. If any damage does appear, you will need to get this sorted right away and not drive your vehicle until it has been fixed. If your car is fitted with winter tyres, it is important to switch these over to all-season tyres. If not driven on ice, winter tyres will wear down and quickly lose their grip, making your vehicle unsafe on the road.

Time for a professional?

For a more extensive check to ensure that it is road ready for the spring, it will be a good idea to book your car in for a service and professional check over. Here, your oil levels, engine function, air conditioning, lights and tyres will be checked thoroughly, with the correct amendments being made to make sure that your vehicle is compliant with the rules and able to head out on the roads.

If you have any questions about your cars spring clean, or would like to book your car in for a service with our expert team at Double Dee Autos, give us a call on 020 8460 3040. Our services are completed with a mini-valet for your vehicle which would save you from the hard graft and enable you to pick your vehicle up with confidence that it is ready for Spring, without lifting a finger.