After the year of 2020, we can be forgiven for trying to save our pennies wherever we can. One of the options you may be considering is a change of vehicle. Many drivers are led to think that you will have to give up the comfort and style of your car to receive a lower insurance premium, but that simply isn’t true. Today, we are walking through the most cost-efficient vehicles to insure for the year of 2021 and the other factors which may affect the cost.

Why does the model of a car affect insurance costs?

There are a handful of factors across different makes and models of cars which can affect the cost of your insurance, from the costs for part repairs and replacements, to the engine size and on-board safety features. Choosing a car based on its looks and the sporty features is something that all of us have done with a vehicle at one time in our lives, but if you are looking to cut the costs on your insurance, the facts are that those without the roaring engines, low suspension and blacked out windows could be better for your pocket.

What other factors affect the cost of insurance premiums?

Additional factors aside from the make and model of the vehicle can affect the cost of your insurance. This includes:

  • Your age and the length of time you have been a qualified driver
  • The purpose of your vehicle (personal or business use)
  • Where you park your vehicle (on a driveway/on the side of a road/in a shared carpark)
  • How often you drive
  • How far you drive
  • The status of your no claims
  • Costs of any previous claims

It probably makes sense now why so many questions are asked when it comes to finding a new insurance provider!

The most cost-efficient cars to insure in 2021

As of February this year, LV Car Insurance scoured the vehicle market and calculated the top 10 cost-efficient cars to insure in 2021 and the results are in!

1. Vauxhall Corsa
2. Toyota Yaris
3. Nissan Micra
4. Hyundai i10
5. Seat Ibiza
6. Toyota Aygo
7. Volkswagen Up
8. Fiat Panda
9. Skoda CitiGo
10. Dacia Duster

It is important to remember that, even if you purchase one of the above-mentioned vehicles, your own information such as your age, where you park your vehicle and the status of your no claims will be taken into account and may result in the price increasing to more than you would expect.

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